Daniel Hart

Daniel Hart

The Orientalist

Daniel Hart is a nice looking guy who plays violin and sings great songs. He’s from Emporia, Kansas, but he’s currently playing his music in your very own Dallas, Texas. He has a 12-track album called “The Orientalist” on Bandcamp for $5. If you think that’s too much, you can stream it for free, as alway,s in Mp3 quality. If you listen to it, enjoy it and can’t afford to buy it, I would encourage you to at least send this guy an e-mail. Everyone loves encouragement.

The first track on the album is incredible. It’s called “Achilles Heart (Hanuman Steals The Bow And Arrow)," and it’s got some great string work from beginning to end. It almost reminds me of Patrick Watson for a while, but other songs on the album are much more accessible. In any case, this is an incredibly tasteful song. If you listen to it and aren’t captivated, just head on to the next track and see if you like his pop “O Sangeeta” better. It’s a bit more immediately consumable.

“How Can Love Be Wrong?” is my favorite on the album. This track has lots of interesting production. The arrangement is constantly surprising and fulfilling. The electronic sounds really fit, and the reverb on the vocals is very effective. This is a very strong song both on the surface and once you really dig into the lyrics.

If you’re in Dallas, find this guy and give him some great encouragement! If not, these songs are well worth a listen.