Dreamweapon’s Bandcamp page is about as dark as the music. These are ambient tracks for that part of night when you can’t remember why you’re still awake, and you just want to sit on the couch and forget about everything. Dreamweapon has four tracks on Bandcamp under an album called “Exorcises,” and if you appreciate ambient music, these are really effective.

The first track, “Journey Through A Refriend Cerebral Cortex” is just over 21 minutes long, and it’s much better played loudly. This track, and the other three on the album for that matter, are downright scary. It’s an ambient kind of scary though, and it’s not likely to give you any negative feelings. It’ll just zone you out really well. It kind of reminds me of an ambient album Black Rebel Motorcycle Club did called “The Effects Of 333” but even less melodic.

If you’ve had a rough or particularly stressful day, put on some good headphones, lay down on your bed and listen to these songs. I find music like this very relaxing because of its ability to fully immerse you into a world that you are absolutely unfamiliar with. We can’t relate directly to sounds, but there’s still always this strong sense of connection when we listen to music.

I think that’s the reason that we are able to enjoy everything from symphonies to ambient electronica, and each has it’s worth. Dreamweapons tracks on Bandcamp are a good example of modern ambient electronic soundscaping done well, and you can get all four tracks for free on Bandcamp.