Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs Tour postponed

Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs Tour postponed

You might remember how excited I was to post about Eddie Vedder's solo tour this spring. If you are one of the Dallas fans that was able to secure a good seat, you may be disappointed to learn that the Ukulele Songs Tour has been postponed. Instead of happening on April 30, Vedder is planning on coming to Dallas on November 15 of this year.

Unfortunately, Eddie Vedder is dealing with some health problems that are interfering with his ability to perform. He is confident that the doctors will have him ready to play in no time, but he needs the next few months to nurse his way back to health.

Vedder recently injured his back, which resulted in nerve damage to his right arm. He has been working extensively with doctors for the last eight weeks, with the hopes of recovering before the tour started this month. Unfortunately, his extensive injury needs a lot more time to heal. Nerve damage tends to repair very slowly, and it can be quite painful during this time. Unable to play his ukulele without the use of his right arm, Vedder decided it was in the best interest of his fans to start the show later this year.

Sure, many critics are going to boo Vedder for this decision, but I'm sure they wouldn't even type their criticisms if they were dealing with the same pain. As someone who knows what nerve damage feels like, Vedder has my deepest sympathies.

Fans, while this may seem like bad news, just think how much better the show will be in November. Eddie Vedder has never let down his fans before, so I'm sure that he will rock the house on his ukulele - only he knows how to rock out on that instrument. I know that I'll still be there.

Want some good news? There are still tickets available for the rescheduled November 15 concert. You can purchase them at Front Gate Tickets. Previously purchased tickets will be honored for the new show date. Doors at the Music Hall at Fair Park open at 6:30 p.m.

Can't make the new show date? If you already bought tickets, you are eligible for a refund through the point-of-purchase. But hey, you really have enough notice to ask off from work!

Enjoy this video while you wait.

Eddie Vedder Longing to Belong

Get well soon, Eddie Vedder!