Riddle & Cole

Riddle & Cole

Beautiful Folk Duets

Riddle & Cole have a very tight sound on their tracks on Bandcamp. What I like most about this Bandcamp page is that even though they only have three songs on it, they have them listed separately with descriptions of each song. Check them out for great acoustic duets!


“Love Me” is a based on real life break-up song. They do not list the names of the parties involved, but it sounds like this was a very emotional situation. I suppose break-ups usually are, and almost all people should be able to relate to this feeling.

“Better Than The Last” is about love, as Riddle & Cole put it, “when it works!” This is my favorite of the three tracks. It’s totally appropriate, musically. It’s a soft, but positive sort of sound. The harmonies are more harmonious than just musically. These folks voices really blend together in an emotional way. I don’t know if this song is about themselves, but they’re doing a convincing job of singing it.

The third track, “With You,” is without a description, but it’s absolutely worth listening to. It’s a bit different than the others. These musicians are doing great on creating variety with limited instrumentation. All three of these songs are very simple, but somehow they have totally distinct sounds.

Head over to Riddle & Cole’s Bandcamp page to hear these three beauties! You can get them on to your own hard drive for $1 each. They’re certainly worth a listen-and a dollar!