Seth Slay

Seth Slay


Seth Slay is a singer/songwriter from Dallas who just put a nine great tracks of ultra catchy, super viable, folk pop songs in an album called Mélange on Bandcamp. If you like repetitive, catchy, well recorded songs with solid reoccurring hooks and traditional instrumentation, check out Seth Slay! Right from the beginning of the album, “Headphones” is sure to get in your head and stay there.


“Flight Of The Barn Owl” is probably my favorite on the album. It starts out with just vocals and rhythm mandolin. It’s a traditional story song, complete with full bodied vocal harmonies and eventually walking bass lines and swing drums. This song is great!

You can download all these albums on Bandcamp for five dollars or stream it all for free. Being from Appalachia, I feel suited to say that these songs really deserve to be called “Folk” in the sense that it means over here in the Smoky Mountains. Excellent work, Dallas, keep it up. Texas and Tennessee have strong roots.

“Love Is Not Safe” is another great track on the album. It’s got some interesting harmonica. They water themes in the lyrics are very appropriate to the theme, and everything seems to be working out. I’m a big fan of empty intros that break into nice full jams, and this song does that perfectly.

I feel confident that I would love to see Seth Slay live. I know a lot of other people here in Tennessee would as well, and I hope he comes here eventually. In the meantime, I’m going to keep listening to these great songs on Bandcamp.