Zombie Western

Zombie Western

A Dallas band

If you name your band Zombie Western, you’d better be awesome. Those are two of the coolest words. Yet another cool word! One of their songs is called “Wasteland." It’s on their seven-song album “The Great Migration,” and it is indeed awesome. It’s creepy enough to justify the use of all those ultra cool words. Check out Waco’s Zombie Western if you’re into instrumental rock and cool moods!

Coincidentally, I think “Wasteland” is probably my favorite track on this album. It’s got so many great sounds in it. From the beginning there’s this high frequency that sounds like incredibly controlled guitar feedback. Then the snare and bass come in and with just three sounds the mood is already set. The song continues for six minutes and never loses the strength of that feeling. It’s totally a wasteland kind of song.

This album came out just over a month ago on February 21, so it’s totally new and the hype is still building. You can get it on Bandcamp for seven dollars or stream it for free. These guys are doing a great job with the instrumental genre, and that’s not easy at all. Too many instrumental bands are too boring, but these guys keep your attention the whole time.

Be sure to also check out Zombie Western’s 2010 Album, “The End.. And The Aftermath” or, if you are fortunate enough to get an opportunity, go see them play live! Instrumental musicians are usually tone freaks, so I’m sure this will sound even better in person.