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Blah Kesto

This is beautiful.

A colorful Rorschach test greets you when you fenture to Blah Kesto’s album Pareidolia on Bandcamp. Ambient tones sustain, and classical violins swell into the picture. This is the “ambient, classical, electronic, indie” of this Dallas band who’s just trying to fill the distance between thoughts and words. Let them fill your head with thoughts without using any words.

This music is so soothing. I have a million things to do right now. I’ve been stressing out all day because I don’t know if my plans for Spring Break are going to work out. I’m sitting at a desk in the cold computer lab of my University, and I’m totally relaxed listening to “Comma Splice” and “Solar In Origin” by Blah Kesto. This is great. Very few musicians are successful in actually accomplishing this. I wish there were no post-rock. I wish there was only ambient classical.

“Solar In Origin” is probably my favorite. It’s probably the most cinematic. I could see this being in a trailer for some really intense movie, or I could just close my eyes and let these piano keys make me forget about absolutely everything else that I’ve ever thought about. This is really great, and it’s more powerful than probably ninety percent of all the music on Bandcamp. I have a strong sense of either the world coming together to solve all of our problems or the world coming together to just say, “We have problems, but it’s totally alright. Don’t worry. Nothing matters.”

Listen to this music before you go to sleep, and you will have the best dreams of your life.