July 2011

St. Vincent - "Surgeon"

St. Vincent, a.k.a. Annie Clark of Polyphonic Spree, has been dropping hints about her new release. It's slated to come out September 13th. And she's now letting us preview its first single, a dreamy, melodic swell like a fog-choked dawn that finishes out with a sweet '70s synth groove. Check out "Surgeon" off of Strange Mercy below.


Dallas Band Soviet Makes Fuzzy Neo-Psych

I love a weird vocal style in rock. Wading through the majority of mediocre indie bands, you'd think there was only one way for male singers to strain their vocal cords. The Dallas psychedelic act Soviet avoids that cliche by taking on a sort of hyper drawl that complements their hazy guitar work perfectly. Their sound is a little Stone Roses and a little late Pixies swirled together with Dinosaur Jr. grit. Take a gander at the track "All Sorts" off their excellent latest record Doom, which is available as a pay-what-you-want download on Soviet's Bandcamp.