January 2012

Eddie Vedder 2012 Ukulele Songs Tour in Dallas

Pearl Jam front man, Eddie Vedder, officially announced the dates for his upcoming 2012 Ukulele Songs Solo Tour earlier this week. Dallas fans will be excited to know that Vedder didn't forget about us. He is scheduled to play at the Fairpark Music Hall on April 30.

This tour will be a departure from the grunge rock that Pearl Jam fans are accustomed to. Instead, the concert will feature Vedder playing only a ukulele, in support of his 2011 solo album, Ukulele Songs. The set list is sure to include the original songs from the album, along with some of Vedder's favorite covers.

Sayanora - 'Discourage Wolf'

I guess there aren't too many songs named after internet memes, but you can add this one to the list. Dallas-based Sayanora's debut was recorded between their homeland and Chicago. The contrast between squeaky pop vocals and rock instrumentation propels this debut single forward.

Anvil Comes to Dallas

On February 11, the Canadian heavy metal band Anvil will perform a concert at Trees Dallas.

Normally, I would not be a fan of heavy metal, but I will make an exception for this band. After seeing their documentary, Anvil! The Story of Anvil, I am curious to see how they sound in person. Any band that is willing to put themselves on the big screen like that is alright in my book.

Mount Righteous - 'We're All Going Crazy'

Punk rock polka sounds like one of those things that probably shouldn't exist in real life, but in actuality it's pretty darn awesome. The colorful, manic self-titled full-length from Mount Righteous proves it.