March 2012

Zombie Western

A Dallas band

If you name your band Zombie Western, you’d better be awesome. Those are two of the coolest words. Yet another cool word! One of their songs is called “Wasteland." It’s on their seven-song album “The Great Migration,” and it is indeed awesome. It’s creepy enough to justify the use of all those ultra cool words. Check out Waco’s Zombie Western if you’re into instrumental rock and cool moods!


Not sure what progressive R&B is? Check out Zelliack. They’re really creating something new here, and it’s worth a listen. That’s a fixed original expression if I’ve ever seen one.

Zelliack has a good handle on the power of the sun, and “Autumn In Analog” is my favorite track on their five song Noir Tone EP. He starts off with a very clear statement of his admiration for our never ending source of heat and energy. Zelliack looks at the sun as a thing which should be obeyed, and you maybe should too.

Nervous Curtains - 'Come Around Viral'

Nervous Curtains's Fake Infinity manages to contain songs at points even more funereal than The Faint's Danse Macabre, which isn't to say they don't retain that stompy dance-punk edge. After all, what kind of beats couldn't use a little horror organ drone?