May 2012

The Sun And The Moon


The Sun And The Moon are exactly the kind of music I both like and don't very often find in Texas. I realize how vague that statement was, but this is hard to categorize. There are so many great things going on in this band’s music. You can head to their Bandcamp page and listen to their eight track album “Shadows,” and you can even download it all at the price of your choice! What a deal!

M83 at the Granada Theater

The two long-awaited M83 shows at the Granada Theater are scheduled for this coming Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20. Rumor has it that this was the fastest selling concert in the theater's history. All tickets sold out in a record three minutes. A few thousand people, however, were able to secure coveted entrance passes.

If you were like the rest of the city - myself included - then there is still time to buy tickets for the next M83 concert. Of course, you'll have to travel to Spain to see it.

Seth Slay


Seth Slay is a singer/songwriter from Dallas who just put a nine great tracks of ultra catchy, super viable, folk pop songs in an album called Mélange on Bandcamp. If you like repetitive, catchy, well recorded songs with solid reoccurring hooks and traditional instrumentation, check out Seth Slay! Right from the beginning of the album, “Headphones” is sure to get in your head and stay there.


“Flight Of The Barn Owl” is probably my favorite on the album. It starts out with just vocals and rhythm mandolin. It’s a traditional story song, complete with full bodied vocal harmonies and eventually walking bass lines and swing drums. This song is great!